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AMA mind predicts 'catastrophe' if doctor Medicare pay isn't fixed Kaiser Health News staff authors Andrew Mary and Villegas Agnes Carey, employed in collaboration with The Washington Post, talked with the AMA president about actions surrounding Medicare payment problems: 'Some people are centered on the midterm elections Tuesday, the American Medical Association is gearing up for the lame-duck congressional program scheduled to start out Nov. 15 suhagra . Unless Congress intervenes, payments to doctors for treating Medicare patients shall be cut by 23 % on Dec. 1 and another 6.5 % on Jan.

The AMA will stay constructively engaged throughout the House and Senate conference process to continue to improve the final bill and assure the best outcome for sufferers and physicians. Important issues that have to be resolved in the House-Senate conference committee include the scope, authority, transparency and accountability of a payment advisory board. The details of several price control and quality improvement initiatives also have to be refined so that they don't have unintended implications for patients and physicians.