Each of which inhibits a different biochemical pathway.

We were surprised to find that 2 - HA and 2 - actually actually metabolized in mycobacteria into two different drugs, each of which inhibits a different biochemical pathway, says Dr. Catherine Vilch ze, a study co? Author Dr. Jacobs ' laboratory. The way that they block - fatty acid and mycolic acid synthesis and fatty acid degradation. Essential for the survival of the bacteria, and this combined inhibition had a strong effect against microbes our knowledge this is the first example of an antibacterial compound, inhibits several ways in order to achieve its effect. .

The finding could urgently needed new drugs to fight TB bacteria each year each year cause an estimated 2.4 million people worldwide. The study appears in the March issue of Chemistry & Biology.. Mouse strains for sequencing planned include: 129S1/SvImJ, AKR / J, BALB / cByJ, BTBR T+ tf / J, C3H/HeJ, CAST / eij, FVB / NJ, MOLF eij / KK / HLJ, this project willJ, NZW / LacJ, PWD / PHJ and WSB eij /. Because these sequenced sequenced with respect to C57BL/6J, this project will provide extensive DNA information on a total of 16 strains. - 'The knowledge of the organization of the mouse genome is an important component, to find out which gene-environment interactions associated disease in humans,'said Dr.PlusNews checked by HIV in the African frontier cities distributed IRIN / PlusNews recent examined how some long-distance truckers in parts of East Africa - including Kenya, Rwandan and Ugandan - are are links by female in border towns and typical does not condom sex by clicking. At increased risk of HIV / AIDS Brian Atuhire - Web site coordinator for a Family Health International HIV program at Katuna, Ugandan - said Mesh no see these women as prostitutes, thus making it difficult for encourage condom use. If there workman who worker who they meet in a bar and charged of sex once a, will truck drivers you they using a condom - with them, that has clear, Atuhire added that which The challenge by this is known as wives and girl friends , supported the funding generally through the truck drivers.