During the 2nd International Barcode of Life Conference Brukeranmeldelser.

During the 2nd International Barcode of Life Conference Brukeranmeldelser . Experts will the progress and global priorities, Share the latest knowledge and techniques to the swelling ranks of interested scientists and officials, and in the air view on a multitude of issues swirling around the new scientific field. Says conference organizer David Schindel, Executive Secretary of CBOL, based at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC: 'Taxonomists have documented a small fraction of the world's animal and plant species in the past 300 years, DNA barcoding adds a fast, objective and repeatable approach to this enormous task that the company can move to a higher gear. ' 'Barcodes document and confirm known species while uncovering lots of hidden variation can lead some of them to the description of new species. ' - 'Presenters at the Taipei conference will show how bar codes expanded our knowledge of the nature while providing tangible, specific and significant benefits to society, the good science that helps in the barcode community governments wise policy and well-informed rules produce '.

Government, especially in North America, but also elsewhere, build applications for investment in the new technologies, identify and distinguish known and unknown species always fast, inexpensive, easily and accurately based on snippets of DNA code.

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23rd In a paper in of the October edition of of Nature was published, identified the tumors Sequencing Project consortium 26 genes which are frequently mutates in pulmonary adenocarcinoma - an acquisition in that more than doubled in and number of genes famous of the deadly disease the deadly disease in conjunction. However the pioneering work much more than just enumeration up genes. Through systematic, multi-disciplinary approach, DNA, orr, little about the exact nature said DNA changes such as may occur and what disturbing it famous biological pathways in order cancers result uncontrolled cell growth. To gain a more complete picture, the researchers together in order TSP and other major, joint projects. Deployment of new tools and technologies to together by the complete set of DNA, or genomic, to investigate been found in various kind of Krebs We adenocarcinoma of the lung found very different from a genetic standpoint Our work is uncovered many novel targets for treatment of this fatal disease. Oncogenic, specific forms by lung adenocarcinoma and tumor suppressing genes which would normally preventing the growth in tumor cells cancer cells, said Matthew Meyerson , a senior author of a paper. Meyerson is Senior Associate a member of Broad Institute of MIT and at Harvard and extraordinary professor at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Harvard Medical School.