Despite localized spikes and the vulnerability of the newly displaced.

Of of opportunity to the people of Darfur must be protected from the worst effects of this year's difficult hunger gap but it will be closed. Overall, despite localized spikes and the vulnerability of the newly displaced, malnutrition and morbidity in.

And displacement,n, the general population of Darfur experienced a significantly lower cereal harvest in 2007. In South Darfur, in particular there was a deficit in the grain harvest. This combined with rising food prices is of major importance. When plants are not grown to be due to fighting and displacement, many households are more at risk.. In order to monitor, assess and mitigate the effects of these factors it is important that humanitarian workers have safe access to all communities. Such monitoring can only succeed if the aid organizations to do in the results the results of surveys and assessments in a timely manner and without restrictions.

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