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Of the approximately 9,000 genes in gray mold, the researchers identified a group of five genes that is responsible for the production of botrydial. Then wanted to learn how these cluster manufactures the chemical agents and the genes who was the leading figure in the production.

In laboratory tests, Cane and the team was a mutated gene that the sesquiterpene cyclase, which erased completely abolished production of the toxin.'This means that if you can inhibit the enzyme from this pathway, this toxin this toxin, 'Cane said.The team is now working on a similar approach a strain of a strain of Botrytis cinerea capable of both botrydial and a second toxin, which they is used produce, for his work aims to attack..Researchers analyzed data out of 15,117 patient from 46 clinics written in which NC Strokestown Registry from January 2005 to April 2008. Most of them had aged 45 or older, that those were women, 53 % of patients that reached by Emergency Medical Service , and 38 per cent actually received power hospitals - strokes centers. - The most common stroke alleged diagnostic at admission was:.

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