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By homing stem cells, Mao and his colleagues may be created to replace an alternative to the prevailing model, lost teeth, implants. That a tooth that a tooth orthotopically, or the the tooth socket. The result of the tooth with the surrounding tissue in a manner which is impossible integrated integrated implants, hard metals or other materials.

Scientists at Duke University Medical Center have developed a new blood test to rapidly detect levels of developed radiation exposure so that potentially life-saving treatments to the people who need them the most could be administered.. The researchers are currently refining the test, by of of time of exposure, sex, age and additional genetic factors on the ability of the tests of the radiation dose, Dressman said.

Will scan the new test thousands of genes from a blood sample to significant genomic signatures reflecting different radiation doses to identify patients as possible and after that she received no radiation exposure, an intermediate level of exposure, too. May react medical therapies or an inevitably fatal dose treatment.

Source StemSave,Scientists Genomic Test Detect Radioactivity Exposure of terrorismIn the the case of a nuclear or radiological catastrophe - such as a nuclear accident or a 'dirty bomb ' - thousands of people would be exposed to radiation, without the possibility of quickly determining how leaked much of the deadly drug in their body.MetLife Award For Alzheimer's Research ILUs ResearcherUC Irvine neurologist France Laferla was present recognized as an 'Promising Work'recipients of the 2005 MetLife Foundation Award for Medical in Alzheimer disease. He was one of three research that award this year for his major contributions to the understanding of Alzheimer's disease.

'Alzheimer's disease is a disastrous neurological disease that affects millions of people and has a considerable impact on our economy. We are fundamental research basic research, allowing tools the tools to understand and ultimately be treated this illness. 4000-5000 Laferla one out of two 'Promising Work 'winner of to the award this year, a distinction he school of Christian Haass on of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany Karen Hsiao Ashes on the University of Minnesota Medical.