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Very good, but Hurricane Katrina Response Time to use to use the analysis the readiness the readiness, officials say Corrective Action Plan CDC developed in remedial action plan corrective action plan that has adopted the problems mentioned in the report addresses and 80 percent percent percent This plan, Richard Besser, head of the coordination office for CDC terrorism preparedness and emergency response, as part of the corrective plan, 'Incident action Plans are now the norm for the CDC emergency ', according to the CDC article. The Agency is also creating a Web-based training for employees who voluntarily for future emergencies find the answers . Moreover, the Agency currently employs uses the standardized federal command structure to respond to emergencies and has a plan to perform a series of answer exercises. 'One of the lessons from Katrina, people need to practice, 'said Besser. CDC spokesman Tom Skinner said: 'Our performance was very good, but it was not perfect and we will every hard to make every area where we can improve ourselves to find. Response Plan. Are much better prepared than we were '(Young, Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

About 300,000 breast implants overtaking saltwater filled OnesAs silicone gel implants come back from the wilderness in the U.S., experts believe its market share from 15 percent of breast augmentations will gradually grow, soon overtake saline implants. Silicone breast implants have been around for over 40 years -. They first came on the market in 1962. But in the early 1990s, concerns about their safety was such that they United States. United States. Concerns about a possible link between silicone gel breast implants and cancer and lupus were high, as were were concerns over the risk of fractures. However, most studies failed since to show a connection between these implants and disease risk.

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