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In newspaper and television ads released this weekend, Maple Leaf CEO Michael McCain provided an apology on behalf of his company. 'We've an unwavering commitment to keeping your food safe with requirements well beyond regulatory requirements, but this week our best attempts failed and we are deeply sorry,' McCain said in the ad, that was posted on the YouTube site also. Maple Leaf is certainly a multibillion-dollar food huge, whose Dempster's loaf of bread, Maple Leaf bacon and ham, Shopsy's and Burns sizzling hot canines, Nutriwhip toppings and Tenderflake lard are well-known Canadian brands, which helped the company generate revenues of more than C$5.2 billion last year.Educational grants for the initiative have already been provided by PepsiCo. Inc. & Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

3 everyday things to stay away from your children Below are three everyday things that should not be given to your children because they are high in carcinogens and additional toxins. Being everyday products, early publicity during one's childhood implies that the amount of toxins that can accumulate over the child's lifetime is substantially life-threatening.