Biopure Corporation today announced that to U.

The information accreditation scheme is to fight substantial differences in the quality of health and social care information and knowledge provide a way for the public and professionals that the information they are using is reliable .

Similar legislation is also supported by HMDA was Both in April 2008. Both bills mandate that no controlled substances over the Internet without a valid prescription is a healthcare practitioner acquired physically examined the patient at least once. . HDMA believes that the House and Senate bills are crucial measures to ensure that prescription drugs be sold only in legitimate, licensed pharmacies to patients said HDMA President and CEO John M. Prescription drug abuse is is a growing problem, in part facilitated by a pattern of illegal activity on the Internet. Supply chain member companies support these and other efforts to monitor and improve the safety and security of the healthcare supply chain, Gray added.

Biopure Corporation today announced that to U.S. Naval Medical Research Center has provided the Food and Drug Administration issued a revised its Investigational New Drug application, a clinical study company oxygen therapeutic Hemopure [ Haemoglobin glutamer - 250 ] conduct for Pre - hospitalization of trauma patients. Which study, entitled restore conditions of effective Survival player in the Shock . That RESUS studies was first proposed in and. To the FDA in 2005 The proposal study was paid to the clinical stop in this time. Any subsequent presentation was held at clinical.

Implies that press release are not strictly historical are forward-looking statements, including statements implying that every proposed trial be authorized by the FDA and that can be if an attempt is the results continued as expected. Actual results and whose timing of from those from those. In such forward-looking statements because of risks and uncertainty Such risks include, without restrictions, uncertainties concerning the financial situation, including his limited funds and have additional capital to finance their enterprises, unanticipated costs and expenses, delays and a negative determinations by regulatory authorities of and unanticipated problems track, having of his commercial of use regardless of whether or do not product-related and the other factors, these forward under the heading Risk Factors on Company's Annual Report on Form 10 - C / A 3 March 2009, can be accessed in the EDGAR data of the U.S. Securities tabled and Exchange Commission filings website, takes over the company no liability whatsoever to publicly release results of any revisions to these forward - looking statement to reflect events or circumstances the of these following the date notification. Complete description of the complete description of the activities of the company and financial situation into company filings the SEC.