Bio-Manguinhos / Oswaldo Cruz is the largest immuno-biological producer in Latin America.

The device is capable of more than 120 million doses of vaccines per year , providing up to 30 million doses per year of yellow fever vaccine alone to meet Brazilian and export. In 2006 Fiocruz the price for the Best Public Health Institution in the world by the World Federation of Public Health granted. Up to 2.5 million kits annually sexually through agreements with the Health Surveillance Secretariat and the National Programme for communicable diseases and AIDS, both from the Ministry of Health. In 2004, Bio-Manguinhos entered into a technology transfer, supply and license agreement with Chembio for rapid HIV tests Chembio the tests and entered in January 2008 into similar agreements for DP rapid tests for Leishmania and Leptospirosis, and a third agreement for a multiplex DP-test for the detection of HIV-1, which could be carried out at the site of treatment..

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