Berenson and Susan M.

Among the participants who have been abused, but this has been a negative reaction as well, accompanied as expectations for rejection, mistrust, dislike, and emotional distancing. In particular, no such pattern occurred among abused participants when the new person bore no resemblance to the parent .. Kathy R. Berenson and Susan M. Andersen, of New York University Department of Psychology used revolutionary methods revolutionary methods as two groups of adult women with a history of child abuse and those without, with a stranger, whose properties responding were similar to their own parents .

SAGE Publications, a privately owned corporation principal offices in principal offices in Thousand Oaks, CA, United Kingdom and New Delhi.. Childhood abuse impact victims' adult Abused children Abused children may have a difficult time with the development of adult relationships with new people they have reminded their abusive parent, even if only implicitly, according to a new study in the November issue of the Personality and social Psychology Bulletin published, an official publication of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology , published by SAGE Publications.

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