Because scanned files are automatically formatted industry-accepted health data standards.

Because scanned files are automatically formatted industry-accepted health data standards, including HL7, NCPDP and CCD, the Patient Chart Scanning solution enables easy and accurate export from the Medco Data Vault into the practice of existing or future EMR / EHR system. 'to assume the amount of important information in paper-based medical records, this transformation a significant measure of success to persuade more doctors EMR and EHR systems,'said Jody Miller, Business Development Director, Worldwide Healthcare Solutions, KODAK Solutions for Business.

- 'We will work with Kodak, an industry standard for scanning paper-based patient charts to establish,'said Rob Cash, Medco Data. 'Unlike outsourced conversion services, this solution allows doctors and other outpatient practices staff leverage their existing staff to manage the entire process and offers a high level of control over access to valuable patient information and to the the converted digital converted digital files meet current and future needs. '.. Ambulatory Medical Care Survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that only 6.3 % of physicians have a fully functional EMR / EHR system. About 21 % of physicians currently use a basic EMR / EHR system.- Shah says that data causes us about really re-evaluate everything, follow-up of our more susceptible patients and order our efforts to of the of the individual patients , especially African-Americans, if we hoping resolve racial differences into survivors, heart transplantation - The problem is is not only over biology and race, it is through the health system that supports our patients, says Shah Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and its Herz and Cardiovascular Surgery Department.

- 'It does not matter whether an white, black, twelve thousand three hundred and eighty-one Asian heart transplant patient patient another certain race, 'says senior tutor and Johns Hopkins surgeons Shah need, MD 'Other factors be that basis for any differences in how well people doing after transplant, particular, Why is Black has poorer results. '.. Transplant surgeons from the Johns Hopkins, have evaluated the medical records of more than 20,000 heart transplant that it is not just racial differences but deficiencies in the healthcare. Conjunction with the type of insurance and education, to addition to biological probably likely the cause of a disproportionately worse results after heart transplant in African Americans - In a report on the review to the Annals of Thoracic Surgery Online Are published June, from the Johns Hopkins team of demonstrated that races matched donor heart of doing nothing to to extend the life in organ recipients.