Because of the dramatic increase in the number of Alzheimers cases.

However, the Viennese biotech business Affiris is pursuing a new approach, which is definitely yielding extremely promising results. Safety is the true number 1 priority in the current clinical trials that are being completed on patients. 'The existing studies are centered on establishing the security and tolerability of the new vaccines,' emphasises Prof. Achim Schneeberger, Mind of Clinical Department at Affiris. The brand new vaccines are currently being tested in two Alzheimer's trials. The AFFiRiS 001 trial has been staged at the Vienna General Hospital and is examining the vaccine AFFITOP Advertisement01. The AFFiRiS 002 trial of the vaccine AD02 is being conducted at the Institute of Psychosomatic Medication, Vienna.Permethrin products were introduced to U.S. Consumers in the first '90s, Yoon said. But the first registered issue was reported from Israel in 1995, probably because they had it used even earlier. After that in 2000 we found genetic mutations causing level of resistance in head lice here. Head lice, which can't jump or fly, transmit by direct physical contact. They quickly infest the throat and head, feeding on blood and attaching their eggs to the base of hair shafts. They itch, however they do not transmit disease, said Yoon. So it is never life-threatening, even if it's very irritating and uncomfortable. Six million to 12 million U.S. Kids are infested with mind lice every year, with parents spending about $350 million dollars yearly on permethrin-laced over-the-counter and prescription treatments, Yoon said.