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Auf der Ebene our Zellen, Haben sterben Menschen Weit mehr Gemeinsamkeiten mit Pilzen, Magnolien und Ringelblumen, ALS Verdrahtung mit Bakterien zu tun. 'It is the basis of complexity, even if it is not always used. ' - 'Bacteria are at the bottom of a deep chasm in the energy landscape, and they never found a way out,'says Dr. 'Mitochondria give eukaryotes four or five orders of magnitude more energy per gene, and that enabled them to tunnel straight through the walls of the canyon. '.

The difference is the amount of the DNA, in the core, in the core, rather than repeating copies of the same old genes, but as a starting material for new development. 'If evolution works like a tinkerer, evolution with mitochondria works like a Corps of Engineers,'said Dr.. The answer lies in the small mitochondrial genome. These genes are required for cell respiration, and die without them eukaryotic cells. When cells get bigger and more energetic, they need more copies of these mitochondrial genes to stay alive.

The key to complexity is that these few remaining genes weigh almost nothing. Calculate the energy needed to create a normal bacterial genome in thousands of copies and the cost is prohibitive support.Validation of an assay are based on gene expression and prediction of tumors is the lymphatic glands of the lymph nodes of the head and neck cancer , was today on the 3. International Conference on of innovative approach into Head and Neck Oncology , in Barcelona. Harry take, out of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, the Netherlands, reported findings from a study with 222 instances oral or oropharyngeal cancer. The study was common introduced scientists of Nijmegen and to University Medical Center Utrecht, and participate all eight of top and Necklaces cancer centers of the Netherlands.

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