At Heart Institute.

At Heart Institute, are studies on complex cardiovascular mechanisms to identify partial. A worldwide effort to form a core of leading scientific organizations, the heart center works with an international consortium that has already discovered 13 new genes that increase the risk of coronary heart disease .

* Special Sessions on:Cardiac tissue engineering, including exciting work in heart muscle and valve replacementangiogenesis, including coronary, peripheral and pulmonary vascular disease* Late Breaking Clinical Trials:bone marrow-derived mesenchymal precursor cells in patients with chronic coronary artery disease , is presented by Dr. Silviu Itescu and Suku Thambar.- The foundations of practical Conference the most recent in metastasis to Tyler Jacks, Joan Massagu? and Robert Weinberg. - A detail press conference, how few of the latest basic science findings on patient care on patient care.

The conference will comprise presentation between past and future AACR the President and other leading scholars to high priority to issues such epigenetics, directed small molecule, systems biology and metastatic spread.