And its own farmers are far worse off becauseo f it now.

And the farmers who at this point realize that they were lied to are having a difficult period escaping the clutches of Big Biotech. 'In the film, GM corn farmers relate how they truly became indebted because of the rising price of GM corn seeds and increasing cost and level of inputs being utilized,' reads a press release about the film. 'The film also reveal[s] the farmers['] account on the result of GM corn farming such as emergence of new pests, soil erosion, corn contamination and human and animal health impacts. [and] the problems to return to traditional or organic corn farming because of the loss of traditional seeds and procedures changed by GM corn farming and the effects of neighboring GM corn plantations.' GM corn provides turned Philippine farmers into biotech market slaves Based on the latest available data, there are eight approved types of single currently, stacked-trait and pyramided GM corn getting grown in the Philippines on some 685,317 hectares of agricultural land.Born in captivity, Peanut and Pumpkin came to the zoo when they were six months old. 'I have already been with her since she was born,' stated Linda Jacobs, Peanut's trainer, holding back tears. 'So I really am very delicate to her needs and her moods.' Jacobs said Peanut is normally fatigued but hasn't dropped much of her reddish-orange locks 'and she still has that twinkle in her eye.' Despite possible complications and an uncertain end result, Rosenblatt said Peanut is still a model patient 'and God willing, she will be a cancer survivor.'.

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