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And colon cancer generic pills . Initiates Phase I Clinical Program for TG02Tragara Pharmaceuticals, announced the initiation of a Phase I clinical trial of TG02, a unique oral multi-kinase inhibitor, in patients with advanced / refractory hematologic malignancies. Tragara will conduct the study at multiple centers in the United States. In vitro and in vivo data of TG02 biological activity against acute leukemias and multiple myeloma in addition to several solid tumors with unmet medical needs also have demonstrated triple-negative breast cancer, non - small cell lung cancer and colon cancer. TG02 possesses a unique and exciting spectrum of kinase inhibitory capabilities Our preclinical the utility of the utility of inhibiting these different ways, and we are committed to investigate this potential in the clinic, said Thomas M. President and Chief Executive Officer, Tragara Pharmaceuticals, - TG02 an oral, small molecule kinase inhibitor with a pronounced inhibitory spectrum. TG02 is inhibits ERK5, Patients with relapsed cycle and transcriptional cyclin-dependent kinases , in a fashion equipotent at nanomolar concentrations. In preclinical models of leukemia, TG02 demonstrated that the combined inhibition of CDKs and JAK2/Flt3 signaling led to enhanced antitumor activity, said Sara Zaknoen, chief medical officer, Tragara Pharmaceuticals, In multiple myeloma, the addition of inhibition inhibition and the established roles of the JAK-STAT and CDK9 pathways in myeloma cell survival and drug resistance suggest that TG02 exciting addition to the exciting addition to the tools for this disease. .

Tragara will be phase I study phase I study by Ockham, a global contract research organization in Cary, North Carolina.About TG02TG02 is a novel, orally available, small molecule that targets - equipotently - the most important signal paths with ERK5, tumors.nd key cell cycle and transcriptional cyclin-dependent kinases , with excellent pharmacological and pharmaceutical properties. These pathways affect disease progression and survival in hematologic malignancies and solid tumors.

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