And a wide review of interested in medical surgical nursing practice.

The Review Course provides 14 lessons and covers CMSRN exam overview, test-taking strategies and nursing content related to endocrine / GI, neurological, musculoskeletal, respiratory, hematology / immunology, GU / renal and multi-system issues. There is also the practice exam questions. The course will be offered at the following locations this fall:.. MedSurg Nursing Journal - Issue Highlights The July / August 2009 issue of MedSurg Nursing Journal provides the following: - Assessment and treatment of hypoglycemia in elders: warnings and recommendations - biofilm growth on the Lopez enteral feeding valve cultured enteral Nutrition: Possible I Web site:Medical-Surgical Nursing Overview and Certification Review Course The Medical-Surgical Nursing Overview and Certification Review Course is a two day event nurses offered in under the Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse Exam, and a wide review of interested in medical - surgical nursing practice.

Intramuscular vaccination was administered 2 or 14 weeks in a 48-week treatment with Peg-IFNa2a/ribavirin. 50 percent of vaccinated patients had CD4+ and CD8+ HCV-specific T cell responses by ELISPOT at 2-8 weeks after the boost detected indicates a strong immunogenicity of the vaccine. Local and systemic adverse reactions to vaccination were mild, with no evidence of liver immunopathology .. The special week is to also raise awareness of the medical - surgical nursing specialty to increase in other nurses. For more information on the work of medical-surgical nurses are Medical-Surgical Nurses Week products and promote the event on AMSN website.

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