An innovator of endovascular treatments for peripheral arterial disease announced that the U.

.. Pathway Medical Technologies Receives FDA Clearance for Jetstream Pathway PV Atherectomy SystemPathway Medical Technologies, an innovator of endovascular treatments for peripheral arterial disease announced that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration of the company, where distance market Jetstream , a peripheral atherectomy catheter for use in the treatment of PAD The game the lower limbs. The game marks the second company 510 clearance and is the first device on the market, the treatment. An entire spectrum of disease found in the PAD patient, including hard and soft plaque, calcium, thrombus and fibrotic lesions with consistent clinical results - Pathway Medical Technologies President and CEO Tom Clement commented: The launch of Jetstream represents a major business milestone for our company and a dramatic new treatment option for the endovascular community in fighting PAD make We expect the unit interventionalist.

Jetstream delivers several cosmetic and user interface improvements of the company's first-generation product, the Pathway PV atherectomy system in in the Company's Pathway PVD Study, a crucial 172 patients European multicenter clinical angiology department in Badenweiler, Germany, Hamburg University Cardiovascular Center in Hamburg, Germany, clinical and Interventional Angiology, The company of Leipzig Heart Center in Leipzig, Germany: Study completed in Germany at three primary centers.

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