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All the women, apart from one, were able to without a without a caesarean section, and although 50 percent of them had diabetes during pregnancy and there was a slight decline in lung function during the year of pregnancy, all the mothers have remained healthy read article . The babies were born on average at around 37 weeks, with only four babies having a low birth weight of less than 2500g . There were no children with very low birth weight . Five babies were breastfed. All children , aged 10 years to one month, are healthy. Moreover, the possibilityid, to the results of our study are good news for women with cystic fibrosis because they know that ART is a hopeful option for them and does not increase the risk of health problems or death for either themselves or their children had given show. Moreover, the possibility of ART for this growing population of young adults to to be a positive impact on the quality of life by satisfaction of their desires, their parents. These women careful consideration to their desire for a child and fully fully supports their families All these considerations are equally true for infertile men with CF who also require ART, usually via ICSI, to have children during.

Cullen have shown that the median overall survival was more than three times higher than for whites than for African-Americans) (20.9 months, who were treated with chemotherapy and radiation. The survival rateearchers examined patients who by HPV status, they found that HPV a median survival a median survival time of 26.6 months, while the survival rate for HPV-positive patients could not be calculated because most are still alive.

Currently techniques to the Examination of renal diseases may be inaccurate and invasive. The researchers say, may include blood and urine tests well used order diagnosing CRF get out normal , even if the patients been be lost 65-75 percent your renal impairment. The most reliable test an kidney biopsy in infections and in infections and bleeding. But also the capacity date So far, the researchers have the electronic nose on exhaled breath of laboratory rats tested without the renal impairment and normal renal function. The unit identified 27 of volatile organic compounds which in the breath in the breath of rats with no kidney functional. By these the team identifies the five most important connections that signal the development of kidney disease. Haick and professors. Zaid Abassi and Farid Nakhoul the Technion Faculty of Medicine and Rambam Medical Center, who know that one feature patients with the kidneys are diseased odor of ammonia ammonia-like odor in breathing was. Team is composed of the next between different between the different types of kidney disease distinguish and identify of your steps - .

'development of of sensors, sensitive enough to detect different stages of the different phases of various kidney problems not only diagnosis, but also the ability high technology can monitor a patient's response on medication and lifestyle changes, 'said Prof. Abassi.