Alcon Production.

Advanced Medical Optics settles patent infringement fits with Alcon Advanced Medical Optics has announced that a settlement provides been reached by it with Alcon, Inc., Alcon Production, Ltd natural ed treatment . And Alcon Laboratories, Inc., resolving almost all pending patent infringement lawsuits between your ongoing companies on technology used in ophthalmic surgery. Under the agreement, which has a highly effective day of June 30, 2006, Alcon will pay AMO a lump sum of $121 million. The parties agree to dismiss all existing patent litigation rather than to sue on the patents at concern, including the use of multiple viscoelastics in one surgical procedure. In addition, each business is granted a license to the patents covering its existing phacoemulsification devices features, which enables them to market their current products without the threat of litigation.

This drying method may not be ideal for all products, as it kills the majority of the microorganism frequently; dependant on the organism type and related recovery and balance issues. Based on Vibalogics' drying experience, a fresh method has been found that allows for a room temperature, storage-stable type of Advaxis' live Listeria vaccines with a very high recovery. This process, which we are developing for our Listeria immunotherapeutics, shows guarantee in its use with various other living micro-organisms, commented Advaxis Chairman/CEO Thomas A. Moore. Though it is intended for use with Listeria, other companies and academic organizations that use living microorganisms may reap the benefits of this process.