After a review article published this month in Nutrition Reviews.

Cocoa is a highly complex natural food which more than 700 more than 700 naturally occurring compounds detected detected with much more yet, said Jeff Hurst, the leading chemist the project explained. For years, got flavanols, a different class of compounds in the chocolate, the most attention, but these are very different than resveratrol. It is exciting to see additional antioxidants identified in cocoa and chocolate. .. After a review article published this month in Nutrition Reviews, resveratrol, a naturally occurring antioxidant, has been shown that insulin sensitivity, improve blood cholesterol levels and have neuroprotective effects in animal studies.

'Despite eating a diet equally high in saturated fatty acids than typical American diet, the French were shown to have about one-third the level of cardiovascular disease. Continued research indicates that moderate consumption of red wine, along with fruits, vegetables, and and lower amounts of red meat can contribute to this lower risk of heart disease. '.. Currently Prof. Zilberman both both a fibrous artificial scaffold and an organic framework that forms a film, the technique could also peripheral nerve regeneration.In an effort to rising rates of HIV and sexually transmissible infections along Mexico - American border stem, a bi-national team of researchers on the University of California, San Diego took School of Medicine have demonstrated that brief but customize behavioral advice reduced significantly and enhanced condom use or under prostitutes in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez.