After 8 weeks of treatment

- After 8 weeks of treatment, mean tumor size in mice with paclitaxel and mismatch control oligonucleotide ISIS 1417 was treated 306 064+ / - 222 mm compared with 507+ / - 79 .3 mm in treated mice paclitaxel and ATL1101 or a further reduction to only 35.8 percent (p u003c 0.

In the U.S. And12-month results from Novartis Sponsored MONT BLANC study evaluating standard influence Visudyne combination therapyQLT Inc. announced that twelve months primary analysis results from Novartis sponsored phase II MONT BLANC study on 14 June 2009 during the 17th Congress of the European Society of Ophthalmology in Amsterdam, the Netherlands presented. Mont Blanc is also European study of the Novartis sponsored SUMMIT clinical trial program evaluating the efficacy and safety of the combination of Visudyne and Lucentis was investigated. SUMMIT the DENALI study in the U.S. And Canada and the EVEREST study in Asia. Mont Blanc is a 24 - month randomized, double-masked, multicenter trial in patients with subfoveal CNV in age-related macular degeneration. The purpose of of the study is to assess non-inferior whether Visudyne combined with Lucentis Lucentis monotherapy with respect to the mean change from baseline in visual acuity and the proportion of patients with a treatment - free interval of at least three months duration evaluate second to month At the month 12 examination mean VA in the Visudyne combination therapy significantly 2.5 letters from baseline compared with a 4.4 letter improvement enhances the Lucentis monotherapy group. In the combination therapy group, 96 percent of patients three-month treatment three-month treatment - free interval, compared with 92 percent in the Lucentis monotherapy group.

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