Affymetrix releases new data for quick design of custom arrays Affymetrix.

The wealth of information that accompanied the genotype calls was paramount to the successful design of our array. By combining SNPs from this data set with Affymetrix' Axiom Custom Genotyping Arrays, which enable experts to customize up to 2.6 million SNPs on a single array plate, the next wave of genome-wide association studies could be realized now. The comprehensive information within the data set can also be used in conjunction with a variety of imputation methods that are attaining in adoption. This groundbreaking function has taken natural data from discovery tasks and translated it into the first usable format, said Kevin King, CEO and President of Affymetrix. This will enable scientists to effectively utilize the 1000 Genomes Task SNP data and a bunch of other validated SNPs and annotations from different resources.The Revimmune MS research will enroll topics in a one-year research evaluating baseline disability to disability at month 12 with an interim data analysis. After discussion with the FDA on the design of the trial, it was agreed that the principal endpoint will become recovery of lost function and that unique study will be achieved under a particular protocol evaluation . Accentia will proceed diligently with submission of the IND under a SPA and of an application for Fast Track position, and currently tasks commencement of the Phase 3 study in the first fifty % of 2008.