ADHD symptoms present in most children who stutter By Liam Davenport.

Bonferroni analysis indicated that there is a strong positive correlation between a reported genealogy of recovered stuttering and a concomitant diagnosis. Licensed from medwireNews with authorization from Springer Healthcare Ltd. All rights reserved. Neither of the ongoing celebrations endorse or suggest any commercial products, services, or equipment.. ADHD symptoms 'present in most children who stutter' By Liam Davenport, medwireNews Reporter Over fifty % of school-age children who stutter have adequate attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms to warrant referral for clinical evaluation, the total effects of a US research of parental reports indicates.Worldwide pharmaceutical sales increased 16.7 % driven by double-digit growth in HUMIRA, TriCor, Niaspan and Kaletra. Global HUMIRA sales exceeded $1.2 billion; Abbott now expects full-year 2008 global HUMIRA sales of more than $4.4 billion. Worldwide medical products sales increased 25.2 %, driven by 15.3 % growth in global diagnostics product sales, and 57.9 % growth in global vascular sales following the U.S.