Acurian announces opted-in database for minority patient recruitment Acurian.

Our clients are eager to enroll minorities to make sure their trials represent diverse demographics. Through our opted-in data source and e-recruitment initiatives, we have been very effective in reaching ethnically diverse patients regularly. Despite a common misperception that minorities are reticent about trial scientific participation, Acurian has garnered high response rates to study opportunities among African Hispanic and American populations. The company's proprietary, opted-in patient data source includes an optional ethnicity field, that allows the company to straight reach minorities.'With ageing, the even more 5-lipoxygenase you have the even more amyloid beta you're going to generate. Related StoriesEight myths and truths about Alzheimer's diseaseDiscovery can offer clues to how some infections control expression of genetic materialExperimental drug candidate targeted at combating Alzheimer's disease has anti-aging effects'It's been known for a long time that the 5-lipoxygenase can be an important proteins in the areas of the body, such as the lung, but no one cared about its function in the brain really,' he said.