Actigraphy is a useful method to assess and manage Sleep DisordersActigraphy ed treatment.

Actigraphy is a useful method to assess and manage Sleep DisordersActigraphy, offers the use of a portable device that detects motion in a long time, and was of of sleep and circadian rhythms, an acceptably accurate estimate of sleep patterns in normal, healthy adult populations and in patients suspected of certain sleep disorders, according to parameters in the 1st April issue of the journal SLEEP published practice ed treatment .

The 2007 Roscoe R. Robinson Award, established in 2005, recognizes Rashad Barsoum 's tireless efforts and work educating nephrologists in the Third World and beyond, and has its research excellence, advanced nephrology and medicine since the beginning of his. Career days as resident - when the kidney was little more than a chapter in cardiology textbook within its training environment - his mission was the then-new branch of medicine, nephrology over the boundaries and limits to the field further transmitted into the emerging markets. Adopting its award, commented Barsoum, during this session, This award represents the ultimate recognition for many years of service to patients in collaboration with numerous dedicated colleagues directed the award is one of the best moments my career, I am honored my name with three giants, Ike Robinson, John Dirks Pierre. Pierre Ronco who just received Jean Hamburger award during this session, I am overwhelmed to be associated with this group are linked. .

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