According to new analysis from the University of Georgia.

'Whoever has a stroke must have these risk elements monitored if they are sent home and when they come back for follow-up appointments,' he said. 'Typically, preventative care has not been as aggressive for older patients. This research shows it is just as very important to people within their 80s as it is for those within their 50s.' Treatment for depression, one risk factor associated with stroke, was higher among sufferers younger than 55. 'Post-stroke major depression is very common; 35 to 40 % of most folks are at risk for developing severe clinical unhappiness after stroke, so it is very important to monitor prevention strategies for stroke survivors,' Chumbler stated.Another randomized trial, however, did not show that adding PET reduced the true number of thoracotomies.9 Determining the stage of lung cancer helps determine the correct treatment and is vital for prognosis.10,11 Incorrect staging of NSCLC can result in resections of benign nodules and early local or distant relapse after medical operation with curative intent. Methods Patients We recruited sufferers from three departments of pulmonology in the certain area of Copenhagen. Individuals were eligible if they had been 18 to 80 years, had newly diagnosed or extremely suspected NSCLC, and were considered to possess operable disease after conventional-staging techniques13 .