According to a paper published by University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers in the May 19.

Researchers in that case compared the safety and efficacy of basiliximab and antithymocyte globulin with that of alemtuzumab. We found there was much less rejection in the low-risk patients when using alemtuzumab and a comparable amount of rejection in high-risk individuals, Hanaway said. What makes alemtuzumab different is the cost. Now that we know there is not any more infections or rejection with alemtuzumab, it makes sense to go with one that is definitely cheaper and simply as effective. Hanaway added that while there are limitations to the analysis and future research are had a need to address these limitations, UAB transplant surgeons started using alemtuzumab 3 years ago based on early results out of this study.In this task, LaBaer will make microscopic arrays of Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteins that can be screened with individual serum to identify antigens of that can be used to develop new anti-body based checks for TB in children. Helping children enhance their oral language A $130,527 grant from the NIH is normally helping ASU researcher Shelley Gray deal with the challenges that kids with Specific Language Impairment encounter in trying to understand and use new phrases. Children with SLI possess poor vocabularies often. It is not that they cannot learn new words, however they require significantly even more exposure to new words before they can store enough phonological and semantic information to recognize and produce them. This has a negative effect on their oral literacy and vocabulary development, reading comprehension especially.