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- mandatory and non-compulsory indication on the labeling of infant formulas and follow-on formulas - the requirements for the labeling of infant formula and follow-on formulas the presentation and the advertising apply - Restrictions on nutrition and health claims that may be made in connection with infant formula - the labeling, presentation and advertising of infant formula and follow-on formulas - restrictions on the advertising of infant formula - providing information on infant and young children for use by families and those involved in this area the risk of confusion the risk of confusion by consumers between these two categories of products for infants and young children nutrition - 6 The draft Guidance Notes..

A total expenditure for health care costs every American Diabetic more than $ 6,500 a year - an expense incurred more than twice as much as the average non-diabetic subjects - according to the American Diabetes Association.By Widespread layoffs 80 percent vacancies Related and services for reduce - these are the first symptoms of impact of economic conditions on health care having yourself, according a BMA topic of hospital doctors.

Dr Paul Darragh continued,'We accept that the tough decisions have to be considered in that narrow financial circumstances, but there is an real danger of compromising health services is now a long-lasting effect on our are capability save ensure high quality, comprehensive and universal care in the future.