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About Sysmex America,Sysmex America, the U.S. Headquarters of Sysmex Corporation (Kobe, is a world leader in clinical laboratory systemization and solutions, including clinical diagnostics, automation and information systems. Serving customers for over 35 years, Sysmex focuses on extending the boundaries of diagnostic science while providing the management information tools that make a real difference in clinical and operational results for people worldwide. For more information about Sysmex please visit.

'on with FDA clearance of body fluids XT series is Sysmex really in a unique position to be able to automated body fluid analysis both our flagship XE - series analyzers and our medium volume testing laboratory settings provide to use the XT - series analyzers. Whether it is a medium volume laboratory or a larger institution, is the only provider we offer, the lab technicians can use the same powerful diagnostic capabilities, including our fluorescent flow technology In March, the the instrument range, 'said John Kershaw, President, Sysmex America.The study revealed that African-Americans Been 32 per cent more microhaemorrhages than Caucasians. African Americans were also more to have these types of lesions in several areas of the brain. University of Colorado Denver African - Americans were longer lesions of into the bottom and middle part of the brain was, them most often blacks near surface of brain. 'at Finding racial difference with a higher prevalence with a higher prevalence to these brain lesions in relation prevent new methods of investigation and treat human strokes lead,'said study writer Chelsea Kidwell, including Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, and a member of Baylor University.

This types of lesions in brain an important indicator an important indicator of a stroke.. For the study, 87 man from the Washington , who had suffered a type of stroke called a cerebral haemorrhage, underwent brain scans. These kinds of apoplexy contains hemorrhages in the brain and makes 10 to 15 per cent of all strokes. The researchers have the the groups risk factors for stroke , such as age , high blood pressure and drinking. Forty-two to the man were African American to 45 have Caucasian.

Cerebral microhemorrhages, small small bleeding in the brain, appear to be more frequent among African Americans to Caucasian , increasing the likelihood having a stroke after a study published in on the 7th October 2008 edition on Neurolog, the medical journal of the Baylor University.