About menopause hot flashesknown hot flashes levitradanmark.com.

About menopause hot flashesknown hot flashes, also known as vasomotor symptoms are sudden heat waves at the waist at the waist or chest and the way to the neck and face and sometimes over the rest of the body. They are by a sudden, temporary onset of body warmth, flushing and sweating out. In 2003ng on the intensity of the hot flashes, some women may experience headaches, fatigue, dizziness or palpitations levitradanmark.com . Each year approximately 32 in in the United States experience menopausal hot flashes and approximately 13 million of diagnosed medical treatment. Hormone replacement therapy is currently the only FDA-approved monotherapy for the treatment of menopausal hot flashes. In 2003, the National Institutes of Health halted a large-scale clinical trial of HRT due to preliminary results suggesting a correlation between HRT and an increase risk for breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. Based on these results and the various side effects associated with HRT Depomed has exclusive rights to develop and commercialize DM-5689, AcuForm AcuForm-enhanced for the treatment of for the treatment of menopausal hot flashes. Depomed.

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