AARDA to host forum related to autoimmune diseases on Aug.

The day-long conference is free and open to everyone. Most of the nation's leading scientists and medical professors will make presentations including Dr. Noel Rose, the director of the Johns Hopkins Autoimmune Disease Analysis Center. With an increase of than 50 years of autoimmune research to his credit, Dr. Noel R. Rose can be an renowned professional in autoimmune disease internationally. He was instrumental in establishing the complete field of autoimmunity, and his textbook, The Autoimmune Diseases is a classic. Virginia T. Ladd, AARDA President and Founder, believes that informational discussion boards are crucial in understanding autoimmune disease.These conditions give a welcome mat for the germs that cause food poisoning, said Roy Costa a former Florida state meals inspector who reviewed the reports for USA Today. He called the problem 'disturbing,' stating that 'it poses a real threat of illness and injury to tens of thousands of airline passengers on a daily basis.' A spokesperson for Flying Meals Group, Ellen Pritsker, told CBSnews via email that the 'findings' related to the company had been addressed and that it works hard to ensure that food is safe. Both other caterers didn't respond to requests for comment by press time, today they work hard to ensure food is safe however they also told USA. Now if they could work on flavor.