A Commonwealth Fund study concluded that the U.

A $20 million study, paid for by the national government, was cut short when it became apparent that the surgery was not helping patients who had full blockages in one of their two carotid arteries, which run up either aspect of the throat and feed 80 % of the brain .S. Lags In Key Care Measures The United States ranks close to the bottom of many measures in looking after the sickest patients compared to other nations, wednesday by the Commonwealth Fund according to a study of 11 economically advanced countries released. Commonwealth's results, published on the Health Affairs website, are based on a survey of patients who were seriously ill or had persistent conditions in seven Europe plus the United States, Australia, New and Canada Zealand.Though enrollment is growing, nursing schools indicate a shortage of faculty and medical education sites as the principal barriers to future growth. AACN applauds the initiatives undertaken by academic institutions to find creative methods to expand the nursing pupil population despite funding cuts and resource constraints facing many educational applications. Demand Raises for Baccalaureate Nursing Education AACN's annual survey is the most dependable source for real data on enrollment and graduations reported by the country's baccalaureate - and graduate-degree applications in nursing.