89 percent voters support food safety legislation.

Senate is likely to consider food safety legislation that gives the FDA brand-new enforcement and oversight powers. The U.S. In July House of Representatives approved its version of the bill, which includes more powerful inspection authorities for federal government officials when investigating domestic facilities and imports. 'NEW YORK voters want the federal government to do even more to make sure that people don't get sick from the meals on their dinner plates,' stated Erik D. Olson, director of consumer and food item protection for the Pew Health Group. 'The take-away message from this is that the public gets it: our antiquated food safety laws greatly need updating in order that Americans can have more confidence in the meals supply.D., Ph.D., Mario Campone, M.D., Ph.D., Martine Piccart, M.D., Ph.D., Howard A.15 minute walk after every meal seems to reduce threat of type 2 diabetes A fifteen minute walk after every meal seems to help the elderly regulate blood sugar and may reduce their threat of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a fresh study by researchers in the George Washington University College of Public Health and Health Providers . The study, today in Diabetes Treatment published, found that three brief post-food walks were as effective at reducing blood sugar levels over a day as a 45-minute walk of the same easy-to-moderate pace. Moreover, post-meal walking was a lot more effective than a sustained walk at reducing blood sugar for up to three hours following a dinner. 'These findings are very good news for people in their 70s and 80s who may feel more capable of engaging in intermittent physical activity on a daily basis, especially if the brief walks can be coupled with running errands or walking your dog,' said lead study author Loretta DiPietro, PhD, MPH, seat of the SPHHS Division of Exercise Science.