70 percent of workers possess changed their behavior to avoid flu.

Poll Results: H1N1 Flu and Behavior Provides H1N1 flu made you more cautious about protecting your wellbeing this year? If so, where is most of your concentrate? Yes, I am more likely to wash my hands/avoid touching people or place of work areas - 47 %Yes, I am more inclined to obtain a flu shot - 16 %Yes, I am more likely to stay home/keep family members house if there are flu symptoms - 8 % No, my habits haven't changed - 29 %.. 70 percent of workers possess changed their behavior to avoid flu, reveals survey As flu season is fast reaching its peak, public health communications urging flu prevention are taking hold among workers, with an increase of than 70 % telling they've changed their behavior, according to a Tell It Now study released today from ComPsych Company.Plenty of vaccine should be available, Grohskopf said. Manufacturers are expected to create 170 million to 179 million doses. The vaccine is available in a number of forms, including a go, a nasal spray and an ultra-thin needle, called an intradermal flu vaccine. People allergic to eggs can get an egg-free vaccine, and seniors will get a high-dose vaccine, Grohskopf said. The vaccine is safe, she said. 'You can't get the flu from a flu shot,' Grohskopf said. However, side effects from the flu vaccine can include muscle and fever aches, based on the CDC. People can get their flu shot at their doctor's office, at many pharmacies and at work even. It takes about fourteen days after vaccination for the physical body to build up safety from the flu, according to the CDC.