70 medical staff treated Thomas Duncan in Dallas.

As far as Pham's own treatment, Today reports that she recently received a plasma transfusion from Dr USA. Kent Brantly, a medical missionary who survived after contracting Ebola in West Africa. The nonprofit group Samaritan's Purse, in addition to Pham's pastor, verified this to the AP reportedly. The Dallas Morning Information has also reported an unidentified friend of Pham's is being monitored for the condition, confirming aswell that Alcon CEO Jeff George got sent out an email about Pham's boyfriend becoming admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital for observation.The mix of these businesses will allow PayFlex to continue to sell its products on a standalone basis aswell as on a basis with Aetna items. Importantly, the combined business shall be able to provide a comprehensive solution about the same platform. LaRue, Campus President. 'This growth of our learning continuum enables students to progress from diploma and associate level programs in business, healthcare and IT, completely to their bachelor's degrees.' All of the brand new bachelor's degree programs offer students the capability to learn in a manner that works best because of their schedules and learning designs, either in on-campus classrooms or via a hybrid of classroom and online studies.