$45 million public awareness campaign on HIV/Helps epidemic in U.

$45 million public awareness campaign on HIV/Helps epidemic in U.S http://viagradubai.com . The U.S. Government has announced a $45 million program to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The five-year program will initially focus on those populations most at risk - black American men and women and gay and bisexual men and can include efforts to get the press and entertainment sectors to transport safer-sex and prevention communications. Experts think that many Americans have forgotten about AIDS and have actually become complacent and the brand new campaign is as much about combating this complacency as combating the disease itself.

It shall only result in more arrogant government, and sooner or later that always results in democide - - the mass murder of the People by an out-of-control authorities that guidelines over the people who have an iron fist . Small government is humble federal government. Small government is safe government. That's why I extremely recommend the latest reserve by Judge Napolitano, known as IT REALLY IS Dangerous to Be Right When the Government Is definitely Wrong: The Case for Personal Freedom ( The more I examine from Judge Napolitano, the more I agree with his assessment of the issues and his solutions for the future. And the more I discover these federal workers at the GSA, the TSA, or the trick Service laughing it up and partying forever while they blow taxpayer dollars - - or obtain blown while spending taxpayer dollars - - the even more I recognize a revolution is coming in America - - because there's just so a lot of this B.S.