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41 percent said, not able to plan for their future, the ability to third of respondents reporting their total household income was reduced as a result their illness.

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The results suggest that people with COPD by their disease in order to achieve their goals in life is limited, socializing with others and care for their family. This confirms the devastating psychosocial and financial impact of COPD, especially in people of working age in the working age group.No assurance that any product be to of our product pipeline successfully developed or manufactured, that said final results of clinical trials is supported by required regulatory approvals to market licensed products, or that any such of the forward-looking information contained herein contained information proved to be accurate.. This news release contains certain forward-looking statements with regard to our plan of electroporation electroporation drug and gene delivery technologies. Real events or results can from our expectations include because a number of factors, including uncertainties in clinical trials and product development programs availability of funds for availability of funds for additional surveys and studies in an effort to the safety and efficacy of the Inovio technology as a delivery of mechanism of, the thirty first availability or potential availability of alternative therapies or treatments for the conditions of Inovio or their employees, including alternatives that can be more effective or more cost-effective than any therapy or treatment of, hoped the Inovio and its employees ,, evaluation of potential chances of, problems concerning patents and whether they or licenses you Inovio with sensible protection the other about the hidden technologies deliver, if such property rights would enforceable or defended infringing or violating or supposedly to legitimate rights of others be injured or capable of withstanding claims invalidity and whether or finance Inovio can be and dedicate other important Inventory Resources that are required to keep track of, be protected or defended, can the level of of corporate expenditures, assessments of our technology from potential undertakings or other partners or colleagues, capital market conditions of, and other factors which on in our Annual Report form 10-K the year closing on 31 Dec.

Inovio electroporated delivery technology is from of DNA vaccines against oncology and infectious diseases.. About Inovio Biomedical CorporationInovio Biomedical. is focused on the development multiple DNA-based immunotherapies and DNA vaccines Inovio is a leader increase the the development of human applications of electroporated with short, controlled electric impulses to cellular absorption a useful held biopharmaceutical. Humans dates has shown that Inovio's of electroporation-based DNA delivery technologies can significantly increase gene expression and immune response by DNA vaccines. Immune therapy partners include Merck, University of Southampton, to Moffitt Cancer Center, the U.S. Army, the National Cancer Institute and International Aids Vaccine Initiative.