3Ms Infection Prevention Division.

'3M and Sage Products are by far the most known leaders in this region of health care and it made feeling for our companies to expand our collaboration to worldwide markets. Infection avoidance is a world-wide concern and we are excited about 3M's capability to reach across the globe. We'll continue to look for new methods to work together on prevention and education initiatives with the goal of achieving greater patient care outcomes everywhere,' stated Scott Brown, president and COO of Sage Products. 'We are both pleased and excited to indication a second agreement with Sage,' said Debra Rectenwald, president and general supervisor, 3M Infection Prevention Division. 'Combining the effectiveness of Sage's innovative portfolio with 3M's international reach is an all natural suit for both businesses and one which we feel includes a large amount of promise in addressing market needs.'..Vlasses received her bachelor of science level in nursing from Villanova University, her master's of technology in nursing from Ohio State University and her doctorate from Loyola University Chicago. She also finished a postdoctoral fellowship in nursing intervention outcomes at University of Iowa. Dr. Vlasses publishes and speaks on issues related to the quality of nursing work life and creative strategies for health-care leadership. Her scholarly and creative initiatives possess affirmed the ongoing function of nursing as caring knowledge. She actually is an accomplished researcher and writer who has published 'Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives: The Tales of Nurses'. Following the written book was released, Dr.