10 things Id rather do than get yourself a Swine Flu vaccine shot I admit.

#8) Are a biological hazards disposal volunteer in the 'superbug ward' of an area hospital. #9) Drink diet soda until my mind explodes from the aspartame exposure. #10) Get a pr job at the White-colored House where my single responsibility is to show the brain-numbed masses how exactly to stupidly sneeze into their own shirt sleeves. Fortunately, it generally does not look like I'll have to participate in any of these activities. Nor am i going to be forced to get yourself a swine flu vaccine shot. Rather, I'm betting my entire life on good diet, lots of vitamin D, a high condition of personal health insurance and the complete avoidance of hospitals, vaccines, pharmaceuticals and ridiculous health information from the 'authorities.' Nobody will abide by that, I've noticed.Seizures and ataxia develop in mice with Kcnj10 deletion, plus they die after birth shortly, reflecting the critical part of KCNJ10 in the working of the central nervous system.16 Even mice with a conditional knockout of Kcnj10 in glial cells alone die at approximately 3 weeks old.23 In human beings, KCNJ10 is expressed in glial cells in the cerebral cerebellar and cortex cortex and in the caudate and putamen, and it is believed to establish the neuronal cell's resting membrane potential through a process called potassium spatial buffering.39 With repeated excitation and repolarization, a neuron takes up substantial levels of sodium and loses potassium. Thus, potassium extracellularly accumulates, reducing the membrane potential, facilitating further excitations, and creating a diathesis toward seizures.