1 PCB-containing wood floor covering is a likely source of elevated PCBs in residents blood.

###1 PCB-containing wood floor covering is a likely source of elevated PCBs in residents ' blood, household air and dust: a case study of exposure Ruthann A Rudel, Liesel M Seryak and Julia G Brody Environmental Health .

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PCBs are persistent organic pollutants identified worldwide as human blood and breast milk contamination. They have been widely used in industry as cooling and insulating fluids for electrical equipment as well as in construction and household products such as paints and sealants. PCBs were banned in the 1970s due to its high toxicity. PCBs with thyroid toxicity, associated effects on the immune, reproductive, nervous and endocrine systems , and cancer effects, including breast cancer. The research by the Silent Spring Institute shows that current exposure from old wood floors can even stronger for some people than their diet.

Link to the article in the magazine website.Boike TP et al. Low-risk escalation study of stereotaxic body radiation therapy for low-and intermediate-level Risk Prostate Cancer. Br J Cancer 2014; 29:2020-2026.

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