1 Hans-Willi Mittr sugar treatment ed.

* The tumor-associated antigen EBAG9 negatively regulates the cytolytic capacity of mouse CD8+ T cells Constantin R, 1 Uta E. 1 Jana Wolf, 1 Hans-Willi Mittr sugar, 2 Boris Engels, Bettina Erdmann, 1 Susanne Wollenzin, 1 Wolfgang Uckert, 1 Bernd D? 3 and Armin Rehm1, 3 1Max Delbr? ck Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany treatment ed . 2Institute of Immunology, University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany.3Universit? Tsmedizin Berlin, Virchow Clinics, Germany.

The findings of the researchers in Berlin may also explain why drugs like tamoxifen act on the growth of tumor cells. One argument is that once the estrogen receptors of the tumor cells can be inhibited by the drug, the sex hormone not promote tumor growth. Simultaneously EBAG9 no longer inhibit the cytotoxic T cells. The immune cells are ready attack and destroy tumor cells. 'In this way, can inhibit tumor growth not only tamoxifen but also be able to enhance the efficiency of the immune system ', Rehm said -. His working hypothesis is that EBAG9 acts as a molecular switch that regulates the immune cells.

Sustainable use super potent doses paracetamol is also a concern, like the exceed recommended dose of paracetamol may cause liver damage.

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